Spring Meadows Natural Pet Food
Spring Meadows Natural Pet Food
Spring Meadows Natural Pet Food
Spring Meadows Natural Pet Food
Spring Meadows Natural Pet Food
Spring Meadows Natural Pet Food
"I have been feeding raw food to our dogs for the past nine years. It just makes sense to me to feed a diet that the animal's digestive system was "designed" to deal with. I believe in it. As a veterinarian, I believe that there are fewer chronic health problems in our pets when an appropriate diet, such as a properly prepared raw food diet, is fed throughout the animal's life.

I also, however, believe that any diet can cause problems if it is not put together carefully and not handled carefully. My feeling is that Spring Meadows is careful about the source of the animals that go into their pet food, attempting to produce as good a quality food as they are able and that they handle the food with care and awareness to maintain the quality."

- Rhonda

"I have had my two dogs on your product for approximately 5 months. My Lapso/Bichon is almost 10 years old and was having bladder problems in the summer. After expensive trips to the vet and not a lot of improvement I started her on your product. She improved almost immediately and went from a " picky eater to "get out of bed and feed me" dog. My Cocker Spaniel/Springer Spaniel who is almost 12 years old pulled his back leg muscle almost a year ago so badly that he was three-legged for almost a month. I gave him Lakota joint product and elk antler. I have had him on only your product for approximately 3 months and he has not limped. The cold weather and a trip to the farm where he gets to run as long and as far as he wants still has not effected him."

"I have a six year old male rottweiler. He became very ill last summer and was diagnosed with severe inflammatory bowel disease. He lost half his body weight and was very near death, I was his only hope for finding an alternative treatment as regular medicine was not working for the long term. When I finally refused any more very expensive treatments and drugs (which were causing other organ damage) I was told he probably would not make the weekend and to plan to put him down. From the time he became ill I began researching everything I could about what the best diet should be for canines and felines (we have a cat too) as proper nutrition is the foundation for a strong immune system. I discovered Spring Meadows whole animal food, began feeding it to him and to my absolute joy he began to recover. Today he is a thriving, happy, back to a healthy weight dog! Imagine that, a diet that is natural is all he needed! Even the fat cat lost weight and is playing like a kitten again! Spring Meadows is the only food that I will ever feed to my dogs and cats now that I’ve seen first hand the effects of a proper diet. A healthy pet is a happy one!!

Thanks so much to Spring Meadows for saving my friend!"

- Kim, Saskatoon

"My husband and I have a year and a half old female Siberian Forest cat. When she arrived in our family, about a year ago, there were a lot of samples of foods that accompanied her. Baby food, kitten food ( wet and dry) and salmon and tuna, of the human variety. The breeder said they also like smelt. Not too long after that, we found out why all the food. She is a picky eater.

We tried feeding her raw- chicken, venison, goat, turkey and finally got to something she would eat! Raw elk and bison. That was a happy occurrence but then the supply got wonky.. Long story short we found Spring Meadows Raw. The cat has endorsed the bison and elk with both paws and as the company is Canadian it looks like our supply problems are over.

The best thing is the cat like it. But, it also is packaged in resealable bags, competitively priced compared to the other frozen product we were buying and has the ingredients label on the package. We also found that their customer service was excellent, so this story has a happy ending to it for the whole family . I have to finish with the fact that even our vet was surprised at the cat's lack of catholic taste.

Thank you Spring Meadows and may we have a long and healthy relationship in the future.

- Gail, Pat and Anya, the fussy Siberian Forest cat
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