Spring Meadows Natural Pet Food
Raw Ground Rabbit
Spring Meadows Natural Pet Food
Spring Meadows Rabbit comes 100% from an Alberta farm. Naturally raised, hay and grain fed.

Rabbit is higher in protein than other meats, lower in fat, and has fewer calories. It is one of the best white meats available on the market today! The meat has a high percentage of easily digestible protein. It's perfect for weight loss. Also for pets with allergies to everything else!

Rabbit meat is almost cholesterol free and low in sodium.

Rabbit contains selenium that works as an antioxidant to remove free radicals before they can do damage to your body. Some types of cancer, as well as the ravages of aging, can be battled with selenium. Selenium is also very important in maintaining good thyroid functioning and supporting a healthy immune system.

Rabbit meat also contains Potassium that helps with fluid regulation and helps remove salts from the body.

Vitamin B2 or riboflavin is another nutrient found in rabbit meat which is important to keep the digestive track healthy. It is also important in breaking down protein and fats. Another nutrient, Vitamin B12 is necessary in the proper function of the nervous system. It is needed in the production of protein and red blood cells.

Rabbit meat, which is a high-protein low fat diet, is perfect for weight loss.
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