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Frequently Asked Questions
Spring Meadows Natural Pet Food
Which Spring Meadows raw food should I start my puppy on?
Which one is best for my older dog?
As far as puppies go higher fat proteins such as our chicken patties and necks are a great base along with three other proteins and fish oil. However, for your older dog, you may wish to begin with a choice that is lower in fat content. Our retailers are very knowledgeable. Talk to them about your dogs and they will be able to help you make the best choice.

How long can I keep Spring Meadows raw food in the freezer before it becomes freezer burned and does freezer burn affect the quality of the meat?
Time wise, our raw food responds to freezer storage in much the same way as meat for human consumption. However, freezer burn only affects the look and moisture level of the product and does not diminish the nutritional benefits in any way. Your pet will just drink a little more water that day.

Is there any risk in feeding and handling raw pet food? Should I be worried about bacteria?
Bacteria are everywhere. While meat for human consumption requires cooking, the immune system of animals is designed to handle bacteria and the digestive system is made to favour raw food. When handled properly, this is the most natural and safe food for your pet. Care for and handle your frozen Spring Meadows raw food product as you would human food and follow the same rules of hygiene in preparing and feeding. Hand washing is essential.

Why should I add fish oil to my pet's raw food diet?
The essential fatty acids (EFAs) that are found in fish oil are necessary fats that cannot be manufactured by the bodies of either man or beast. So, to enjoy optimal health we, including our pets, need to obtain EFAs through diet.

Fish oil is a rich source of EFAs, providing a natural anti-inflammatory, lubrication for joints, nutrients essential for healthy skin, coat and eyes.

EFAs not only provide essential nutrition, but also raise the level of HDL (good cholesterol), which can then grab LDL (bad cholesterol) and escort it off to the liver to be broken down and excreted. So your pet is also gaining the benefits of protection against heart disease and obesity.

Fish oil is a small addition for a large benefit.

What are the benefits of feeding my dog raw whole animal food?
The benefits are boundless - cleaner teeth, more pleasant breath, energy and vitality, a shiny coat, clear eyes and healthy skin. You'll find arthritic symptoms in older pets are significantly reduced. You'll also notice that, as maximum nutrition is absorbed from this natural food, stool volume decreases.

Does Spring Meadows raw food offer a complete and balanced diet?
Each protein source is a part of a complete balanced feeding over a span of a couple of weeks. You don't need to add fruit or vegetables. For an ideal balance, we suggest you choose from the four different protein products your pet loves best and feed them alternately, along with, of course cold water fish oil for essential fatty acids. You should add the fish oil supplement at least 3 or 4 times a week. One of our very helpful retailers can help you make good choices.

What makes Spring Meadows raw food different from other commercially prepared pet foods?
There are many excellent pet foods on the market. There are many that are not as nutritious as they should be. Raw food is the freshest and is the easiest to digest. We guarantee that Spring Meadows provides pet owners with a fresh frozen raw food product that gives both dogs and cats a natural, healthy diet - the way nature intended.

We use the whole animal because the finely ground bones in whole animal raw food provide the proper balance of calcium and phosphorous. Whole animal food includes meat, bones, vital organs, heart, liver, lungs, kidneys and tripe - all the ingredients for full nutrition.

Our high quality raw ground whole animal pet food is all Canadian and all natural - made from naturally-raised animals that come from local Saskatchewan farms where they are grazed, fed and cared for without any additives. From field to bowl, it's a natural process.
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